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What is Echinacea?

Echinacea is also known as coneflower. It is actually a group of species of herbal plants. In North American, the native Great Plains Indian tribes used Echinacea to prevent cold, cough, sore throats, etc. When the settlers came to American, they learned from local Indian tribes to use Echinacea to counter diseases, and the knowledge of the herb spread to other countries gradually.

Echinacea used to be highly appraised. However, as the development of antibiotics, people used to consider herbs like Echinacea not as effective as modern pharmaceuticals. Meanwhile, excessive use of the synthetized antibiotics caused more and more health and social problems, and common diseases began to show resistance to drugs. Nowadays, people began to reconsider the value of traditional herbs. The combination of modern medical techniques and traditional knowledge of herbs created a large number of herbal supplements. We will review on most popular Echinacea supplements on the market here.

Top 10 Echinacea Supplements

No.IconSupplementsBrandOur Rates/5.0
1Oregon's Wild Harvest EchinaceaOregon's Wild Harvest EchinaceaGaia Herbs5.0
2Solaray Organic Echinacea RootSolaray Organic Echinacea RootSolaray4.9
3Gaia Herbs Echinacea SupremeGaia Herbs Echinacea SupremeGaia Herbs4.8
4Nature's Way EchinaceaNature's Way EchinaceaNature’s Way4.8
5Pure Mountain Botanicals Echinacea & GoldensealPure Mountain Botanicals EchinaceaPure Mountain Botanicals4.5
6Nature's Bounty EchinaceaNature's Bounty EchinaceaNature's Bounty4.5
7Nature Made EchinaceaNature Made EchinaceaNature Made4.4
8Sundown Naturals EchinaceaSundown Naturals EchinaceaSundown Naturals4.4
9NOW Foods Echinacea NOW Foods EchinaceaNOW Foods4.3
10Mediherb Echinacea Premium Mediherb Echinacea PremiumMediherb4.3

Echinacea Benefits:Anti-inflammatory,Natural Antibiotic,Immune System Booster

Echinacea is generally recognized as having anti-inflammatory and antibiotic effects. In fact, Echinacea is mostly used to help prevent and cure upper respiratory infections. In these situations, bacteria or virus infection is always the cause. As a natural antibiotic, Echinacea and its extracts can help killing the bacteria, inactivating the infections, and reversing the related inflammatory effects.

Echinacea is also considered as an immune system booster. Researchers suggest that Taking Echinacea can increase white blood cells. This stimulates the body to be more active against the invading organisms. Yet, the idea of extracting the specific single compound from Echinacea is not applicable, as the immune boosting effects seem to be a coupling results of many compounds.

Echinacea Side effects and Precautions:for kids,pregnancy and breastfeeding

Even with no recognized evidence, Echinacea may cause allergies to individuals with a sensitive constitution. The symptoms include asthma, shortness of breath, and itchy skin. If you never use Echinacea or related supplements before, you should be cautious with these symptoms at first or ask a doctor for advice if available.

Echinacea can interact with other medications and cause adverse reactions. If you get prescribed drugs from the doctors or need to use other medicinal products, we recommend you to ask for professional suggestions, or just stop using Echinacea supplements in case of adverse reactions.

There is no solid evidence to show that Echinacea supplements can do harm to kids, pregnant women and nursing mothers. But pregnant women are recommended not to use Echinacea products for safety consideration, while children under 12 years’ old and nursing mothers may ask doctors for advice before use and should always be cautious about it.

Besides, note that regulations on herbal supplements are not as strict as medicines. You should not 100% count on the label claims on these products. Choose supplements that have been used for a long time and tested by many people are always recommended.

How to choose Echinacea Supplements?

Echinacea supplements has various forms, including tea, tablets, tinctures, capsules, etc.

As was said above, the labels on the supplements may not genuinely reflect the actual composition of the products. Some may even include harmful ingredients. Yet, not many customers have the knowledge and capability to check the products before use. The simple way is that always choose products from reputable brands, or choose products which have been used by people you really know. We have listed the top 10 Echinacea supplements at the start of this review.

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